Custom Moulded USB

Custom Shaped USB

How a Custom Moulded USB is Made

From photographs, 3D designs or a real object we can create truly unique promotional USB flash drives. With our Custom molded USB service your concept will be taken through proofing and modelling stages to a final 3D mould, from which we manufacture the product – genuinely exclusive Custom USB Drives that no one else will have.Custom Shape USB can be manufactured using recycled PVC, Silicone, ABS or PET among other materials and the effect can be further enhanced using screen printing.With the typical cost being not much more than an off the shelf design, why confuse your USB promotion with 1000’s of similar designs?

We have created unique custom shape USB for several premier league football clubs, pharmaceutical internationals and household brands.

We were one of the first companies to offer custom shaped USB in the UK and this wealth of experience,together with our strong design ethic, means that you can trust us to deliver an original promotional USB that truly reflects your brand

Call our experienced USB sales team for advice on what material would best suit your idea and we will guide you through the options and processes to ensure that you get the best value for money for your unique USB drive designs.

PVC offers the ideal substrate if you require meticulous detail and want to make your first foray into custom moulded USBs on a smaller scale. The PVC moulding, being cost effective and made from lighter material, allows for more flexibility in the creation process and hence for a more detailed USB, with a rubbery, comfortable feel.

It’s no surprise that brands such as Philips, Vodafone, Pepsi and Blackberry choose to trust WeAreUSB with their custom shape USB projects

ABS meanwhile, is the more logical choice of substrate if larger quantity of USB sticks are needed and can also be sprayed to look more like metallic objects such as ingots or appliances.
The moulds are hard wearing and therefore, once made, can be used to manufacture large quantities of custom moulded USBs faster and more efficiently.

Our in-house design team ensures that a client’s exact requirements are interpreted correctly and implemented rapidly. No language barrier, no lengthy emails and no frustration. Take advantage of this USB drive design service to take the headache out of your custom shaped USB project.

For more advice and our like for like pricing guarantee, call our sales team.

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